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Dec 28, 2020
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Hey gang! I posted a few days ago, and I thought I might try and be a little more detailed. My name is Stacy! I’m an aspiring artist, and I’m obsessed with the 80s omggg! I’m trying to do a drawing of a girl using those old 80s gravity boots, where you hang upside down...but there’s literally nothing to use for reference online! 80s women’s styles looked so much different from now, so I really want to find a genuine pic of an 80s hair woman hanging upside down (in any capacity! Rope? Monkey bars? Head over the side of her bed?)

I REPEAT: Does anyone know of any movie, show, commercial, or photo of a woman with big 80s hair hanging upside down? I’m turning this over to the experts! All google shows me is the Diana Ross song, and dudes, which I do NOT need reference of. I want it to be a gal.

Can anyone help me? Please!!! D: